Best Autoresponders for Affiliate Marketing (Real 2021 Review)

Aweber vs GetResponse

Best Autoresponders for Affiliate Marketing

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What is an autoresponder?

An autoresponder is an effective email marketing tool. It’s a piece of software that automatically answers a request from a subscriber who filled out an opt-in form with their email address on what’s called its squeeze page. It then sends back an email with the information they were interested in or a coupon or free offer depending on the query.

If this seems to complex to understand, no worries, just keep reading, as we will go in depth on what autoresponders are and which are the best autoresponders for affiliate marketing.

With each new subscriber added, you build up your list and afterward, messages known as follow-ups are sent in the order and frequency that is decided by you. Also, you can write a series of email follow-ups once and then set them up in your autoresponder to go out to each new subscriber days weeks or even months after they signed up to your list.

The benefit of this is more time to do the things you need to do. No matter how many persons sign up the same day, they all get the same series of messages. Furthermore, you can send emails to your lists anytime you want from anywhere! You only need to write an email; press send and everyone on your list gets your news immediately.

You can use it to educate your customers, clients and members about anything they need to know before they buy, share useful content in your email series with your leads and increase your customer’s awareness. This will help build trust with them, and if they like your content it’ll train them to open your emails, visit your website and most importantly be ready to do business with you.

Just like SEO tools, there are lots of free and paid autoresponders out there, with each varying from the other in terms of features, offers, and pricing but first, let’s cover the things you need to consider when choosing an autoresponder. The free ones, however, have some have limited functionality and set limits to how many emails you can send or how many subscribers you can have on your list. Paid autoresponders, on the other hand, allow you more flexibility with how you communicate with your subscribers. They can give you more useful data such as how many people open your emails or clicked on your links. Most paid email service providers charge you based on the number of subscribers you have but the price goes up as your list grows. An email service provider (ESP) that has a flat fee price structure is best as with those, you won’t have to worry about the number of your subscribers.

Infographic - How To Use Email Autoresponders
Infographic - How To Use Email Autoresponders
Infographic - How To Use Email Autoresponders

Infographic - How To Use Email Autoresponders

What makes a great autoresponder?

There are 4 key things you must pay attention to when deciding on which autoresponder to signup for, and these are:

• The Email Deliverability

The last thing you want is to signup for a service and pay for it then discover that your emails don’t land in the primary inbox. This is a huge concern especially if you have a pretty large email list. We’ve tested almost all the best autoresponders for affiliate marketing out there and have found Aweber and GetResponse to be hands down the best in terms of deliverability.

You should note that deliverability comes with experience in the industry and the reputation/relation the service has with the Email Service Providers. Regarding this, Aweber is considered the pioneer, which explains why their email always has great deliverability.

• Automation

Luckily, most of the major autoresponders out there offer some form of automation, however, you will be amazed at how many persons often ignore this crucial factor when choosing a service to sign up for.

You should go for services which offer lots of automation features, this way you can set up the whole system once and don’t really have to do so much work every time.

• Usability

Next to automation is usability or user-friendliness. The last thing you want is to have to spend time which I presume you don’t really have, just to figure out how everything works. On this, GetResponse has been greatly praised over the years in this regard, their interface is very easy to navigate and use, with simple drag and drop options.

• Pricing

The ideal autoresponder should deliver great value for every single penny disbursed and also be affordable, preferably with a relatively good trial period, so as to let the potential client test the platform in and out. Regarding this aspect, we highly recommend Aweber and GetResponse, as they both offer 30 days FREE trial.

Who needs an autoresponder?

Autoresponders are not only useful for people who work online but now more and more offline businesses and organizations are using autoresponders to communicate with their customers, clients, and members. Affiliate marketers, digital marketers, agencies, NGOs, online entrepreneurs, small businesses and many other online and offline businesses trust and use the best autoresponders for affiliate marketing daily to build and leverage their sales and lead efforts.

Autoresponders are very efficient at sending emails to groups of people making them indispensable and really cost-effective communication to tools.

Best autoresponders for affiliate marketing and digital marketing?

1. Aweber

As mentioned earlier, Aweber is a pioneer brand in the email autoresponder industry, they often claim to even be the inventors of autoresponders. Their platform is quite amazing in terms of simplicity.



2. GetResponse

There is currently a debate going on to know which of Aweber and GetResponse deserve the crown for the best email autoresponder for affiliate marketing and digital marketing.

The truth is, if you are looking for greater simplicity and ease of usage, then you should signup for GetResponse, but if you need greater deliverability, you should consider Aweber instead.

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By now, you must have heard that “the money is in the list”, and autoresponders are great software platforms which help you nurture your list so you can focus on the things that matter in your business. All you need to do is drive traffic to them and they basically do the rest. Also, even if you do not wish to subscribe to any of these, but rather write your emails and do your email marketing on your own, be sure to check our spam trigger words 2020 list to help increase your deliverability.

We’ve covered 4 key points which you should consider when choosing the best autoresponders for affiliate marketing and digital marketing and based on these, we’ve recommended Aweber and GetResponse as our top picks.

Need more? Be sure to check also our article on the best online marketing tools, this way you will dominate your niche in 2020.

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