Ubersuggest Review 2021 | Usage, Features & Alternatives [Helpful Guide]

Ubersuggest Review 2021 | Usage, Features & Alternatives

Ubersuggest is arguably one of the best SEO tools available on the market, offering lots of value. With just a Ufree plan, you can accomplish much more than most of the other SEO free and paid tools combined and we will sjow you how in this Ubersuggest review.

This tool was founded by none other than, a leading SEO and digital marketing influencer – Neil Patel and had gradually gained ground and is expected to compete with big names such as SEMrush, ahrefs, and MOZ in the years ahead.

The Google Keyword Planner used to be a good free keyword tool, but ever since they made it mandatory for subscribers to at least run an ad before being able to access it, digital and affiliate marketers have turned to this free SEO tool as an alternative for keyword research.

In this review, we will duel more on how to use Ubersuggest for SEO competitor analysis, keyword research, and site audit. That said, before we proceed, to have an in-depth comprehension of how SEO works, we invite you guys to check this great article from our friends over at express text on what is SEO, this way you have a clear understanding of ubersuggest & SEMrush.

I. How to Sign up

Head over to your browser and search Ubersuggest, then click on the first result shown below.

Ubersuggest sign up

You should be taken to the following page if prompted to reply a few questions (usually 3, you should do so and have access to a page similar to the one below)

Ubersuggest login

(before the above, they will send a confirmation email, but if we opt to sign in with your Google account, this step will be skipped, and we’ll be all set). Once done you’ll be all set and good to go!

A great feature with this tool is the fact that you can create a project and also add keywords, to better track your work each time you log in.

Ubersuggest Review

II. Main Tools/Sections & Usage

Ubersuggest Review 2020

The only two sections that are of real importance are TRAFFIC ANALYZER & the SEO ANALYZER. Under the TRAFFIC ANALYZER tab, we will focus on the overview and keywords section, lastly, under the SEO ANALYZER tab, we will look at the Site audit section.

Traffic Analyzer (Competitor Analysis)

This section helps reveal important information about websites, such as the amount of traffic it’s getting, the source of traffic, the top pages and also keyword suggestions (in case we were doing competitor analysis and wanted to rank for keywords they are ranking, this could be helpful).

To analyze your competitor(s), all you need is their URL, once you have it, access the main dashboard and insert it (as an example we’ll use https://neilpatel.com/, but it could be any URL we wish to analyze as well).

Ubersuggest Review 2020

i. Overview

Ubersuggest Review 2020

In the report above, we can see how many organic keywords the website is ranking for, the organic traffic Neil Patel is getting each month, the domain authority (DA), and the number of backlinks this domain is getting (it even specifies the number of links which are No-Follow).

A cool feature is also the graph displaying the traffic progress over time, this could be helpful to compare if you or your competitors are getting more or less traffic, thus paving the way for improvements.

Just these stats alone are enough to get you started with your SEO efforts. For instance, if you notice your competitor has a higher domain authority than you, then maybe it’s time for you to produce more quality content and build more quality links, or perhaps review your link profile and disallow [disavour] bad links.

Clicking on the organic traffic tab will give you the entire database of keywords for which it’s ranking.

The organic monthly traffic tab will give you data on the top ranking pages, as well as the top SEO keywords (by country) for which it is ranking, the domain authority tab will give you a list of all the referring domains (which you could equally incorporate in your link building plan).

Although Ubersuggest is good for competitor analysis, it has lots of flaws which we will cover later, that’s why we recommend SEMrush, Click below to get started with a FREE trial.


ii. Top Pages

Ubersuggest Review 2020

This section as briefly mentioned previously shows us the top pages by country, the estimated visits these pages get per month, the number of backlinks each page is getting, as well as the social shares.

Now, this is a gold mine for SEO competitor analysis! If you have an article which you and this website are competing for, these stats will help you determine if you need more backlinks, more social shares or if you need to write a better and more thorough content (as the contents with less social share are generally the ones that do not do so well on the SERP).

iii. Keywords

Ubersuggest Review 2020

This section reveals the entire list of keywords they are ranking for, the volume of traffic they are getting for each keyword, the average position on the SERP, estimated visits, and the search difficulty.

If you click on any given keyword, you will see on the right-bar more in-depth details on that particular search query. You can equally export the list in a CSV file or simply copy it to your clipboard.

This section of Ubersuggest can be very helpful in finding easy-to-rank keywords, by going after the keywords with a low search difficulty (those below 15, taking into consideration you current site’s DA) and considerable traffic volume.

[Note that you can only access a dozen of such keywords with a free account, but with the PRO version you can access tens of thousands, but still you need to check each keyword on google to make sure that data is accurate, as there might be discrepancies, that’s why we recommend SEMrush, more on this later].

SEO Analyzer

The important tab of this section is the “site audit” tab, here, we can perform a site audit and fix issues identified by the crawler.

Once it’s done crawling, it will produce the above report with the overall ON-PAGE SEO score, health check, critical errors, warnings as well as recommendations.

Let’s go back to our initial example (neilpatel.com) and perform a site audit. We should get a screen similar to the one below:

Ubersuggest Review 2020

Ubersuggest Review 2020

Looking at the report, the warnings and critical errors are the most pressing ones which need to be fixed, to not jeopardize the aspect of keyword research (it would make no sense to create the best article on an easy to rank keyword while on the other end we have a slow loading website!).

Looking at the warnings for this domain, for instance, we discover it has 49 pages with no meta description and 8 pages with no H1 heading tag, amongst others.

Ubersuggest Review 2020

Looking at the right of the screenshot, we notice that the report includes the difficulty of resolving such issues, as well as the SEO impact it has on this domain. If it were your site you are auditing, you could start by fixing the ones with a high SEO impact. By just clicking on the hyperlinks in the report.

III. Ubersuggest Alternative


Ubersuggest is a great tool no doubt! But it has its flaws and short-comings (inaccurate data, low value for more experienced users, repetitive tabs such as the UBERSUGGEST tab and TRAFFIC ANALYZER, which essentially serve the same purpose). For instance, with the 99USD Ubersuggest enterprise plan, you’ll get lesser value than if you invested the same amount on a SEMrush PRO

Ubersuggest Review 2020

That’s why for intermediate and more advanced SEOs, digital marketers, affiliates, NGOs, and online entrepreneurs, we recommend using more complete tools such as SEMrush, ahref, or MOZ SEO (all paid tools, some offer free trials) as they deliver greater accuracy and much more value.

After using all of the above tools, we’ve identified SEMrush to be the best alternative for Ubersuggest (for those looking for an all-in-one SEO tool that can meet their entire needs, from SEO, content marketing, to social media marketing inclusive), as it does all that which Ubersuggest does and much more.

Ubersuggest vs SEMrush

Comparison Ubersuggest SEMrush
Pricing 99USD (Enterprise) 99USD (PRO Plan)
Customer Service Phone
Training material
FREE Trial? Yes Yes
Features Backlink Management Alerts/Notifications
Analytics / ROI
Audience Targeting
Backlink Management
Backlink Quality Check Tool Benchmarking
Brand Management
Broken Link Discovery
Integrations GA, GSC, GDS
Typical Customer Profile Startups
Digital Marketers Affiliates

Check our summary review on SEMrush and get started with a free trial to better appraise why it’s arguably the best SEO tool on the market.

We hope you liked our Ubersuggest review, feel free to share this content with your audience to help them in their journey as well.

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