The SPAM Trigger Words Ultimate list: Over 430 words and phrases to avoid in emails

Ultimate List of SPAM Trigger Words

What are SPAM Trigger Words and why you should avoid them?

Simply put, these are words or phrases email providers view as red flags. This often causes the email sent by one person (A) to hit the SPAM folder rather than the primary inbox of the recipient (B).

SPAM trigger words or keywords can be really a big problem especially for those doing cold outreach and having bulk email lists, so you may want to always check our list below every time you wish to send an email campaign and avoid these terms so as to ensure your emails always hit the primary inbox.

Be it in the subject line or in the body of the email, you should pay keen attention to these terms. As a tip, you should avoid using terms that: create a sense of urgency, are CTA in mature, contain the word FREE and contain offers (PS: these are for cold outreach).

As you already know, email marketing is one of the best ways to make money online and it is thus very crucial for you to be more cautious with the words or keywords you use in your emails.

The Ultimate SPAM Trigger Words list

Without further due, below is our complete list of words and keywords that might cause your emails to land in the SPAM folder. You can as well download the complete FREE list below.

SPAM Trigger words
SPAM Trigger words List

Which email platform to use to increase deliverability?

Now, apart from avoiding SPAM trigger words, it is also important to use good autoresponders to help you dominate your niche using email marketing. There are lots of email marketing platforms out there that help you increase deliverability, open rate and CTR of your email campaigns and we’ve reviewed lots of them, so be sure to also check our review on the Best Autoresponders for Digital and Affiliate Marketing in 2020.

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