How to Become a Jumia Affiliate and make money online in 2021

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Simply put, affiliate marketing refers to the business practice of promoting or advertising someone else’ product in exchange for a commission.

Affiliate marketing has evolved greatly over the years! Long gone are those days where one had to carry physical products and sell them to earn a commission. The advent of internet and vulgarisation of the later has made it possible for virtually anyone to make money online with affiliate marketing even without ever having to touch the given product. Eneryone can become an affiliate these days, but, in this article, we can be reviewing how to become a jumia affiliate specifically.

There exist tones of articles describing ways to make money online as an affiliate marketer, but most often these posts are focused on the western countries. Given the fact that we at Make Money 24/7 Online have lots of African subscribers, we decided to write this article/guide on how to earn money online from Africa using the Jumia Affiliate Program.

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Who is Jumia?

Jumia is a pioneer company when it comes to Internet, Retail and E-commerce in Africa with over 5100 employees and owned by a Group (Goldman Sachs, Rocket Internet SE, AXA, CDC Group, Millicom and MTN Group) making it a stable and secure platform to join as an affiliate marketer. They are present in over a dozen African countries including big markets such as Nigeria and South Africa. Click here to know more about Jumia and why they have the best affiliate marketing program to join in 2020 and beyond.

So, without keeping you any further, let’s jump right into our focus area.

How to become a Jumia Affiliate

The first thing you need to do to get started is to head over to then Click on “become an affiliate”.

Become a Jumia Affiliate

After the above, fill in the required information(add your website if you have one, but it’s not mandatory).

Jumia Affiliate Program Sign up

After this, you should get a confirmation in a few hours concerning the approval of your account. Once you receive the said confirmation, you can head over to the affiliate login page to view your dashboard and start working.

Just enter your username and password to sign in ( you login, you should get a welcome screen similar to this (as of 2019/2020).Jumia Affiliate Program Dashboard Login

How to use the dashboard

Now let’s briefly analyse the sections.


Here, you can see in real time the progress of all the products you are promoting in real time, including their status, if the comissions have been approved and the like.

Jumia Affiliate Program Dashboard Performance Tab

Advertising Tab

Under this section, you have 3 sub headings: Link for Mobile Apps, Banner Generator and Link Builder.

Link For Mobile Apps

If you have a mobile app and wish to promote Jumia offers there to your audience, simply click on this, then fill in your country, Target Screen and your mobile app link, once done, Jumia will automatically generate your unique affiliate link, which you will promote on your app and earn commissions on each purchase.

Jumia Affiliate Program Dashboard Link Builder

Banner Generator

The banner generator is one of the best tools in the Jumia affiliate program dashboard, it contains pre-made and ready to use banners beautifully designed and ready to use. So, to start, simply select your country, then you will get a screen containing banners of available offers together with unique affiliate marketing links for you to promote and earn commissions.

Did you know? to better succeed as a jumia affiliate you’ll need more than just these tools they provide? Actually from experience, once you are done setting up your account, it is vital to invest some money in sales funnel builders such as ClickFunnels, this way you can generate leads and close sales even on autopilot.Jumia AffiliateJumia Affiliate Dashboard

Selecting, for instance, the Television and Audio Devices offer, you will be redirected to this page where you will be prompted to select the format of the banner. You can choose from 8 different formats depending on the social media page or type of website you wish to post on.

Jumia Affiliate Program Banners

Within this section, there is also an additional tracking feature which allows you to go even more in-depth with tracking the different types of products as well as different metrics but for a start, you won’t need this, so let’s focus on the core part.

Jumia Affiliate Network tracking

On your right, you will have 3 options; Image URL, Ad URL and Banner Code (for those who have a website). All three contain your unique affiliate links.

link builder Jumia Affiliate Program

Link Builder

This is the area where you can get any particular product from Jumia’s main website and generate your unique affilate link so as to earn a commission each time someone you refer ends up making a purchase.

Just like the banner generator, when you click on the tab, you will be prompted to select your country.

banner generator Jumia Affiliate Program

As an example, I’ll choose Nigeria again, then the following page should show up.

select country for Jumia Affiliate Program

Then we will head over to Jumia Nigeria page and pick a product (Notebook for instance) and paste the link in the link builder.

Jumia Affiliate Program product promotion

Once done, you will get your unique link, which you can start promoting everywhere and across channels, be it Facebook, blogs, Twitter, etc.

Jumia Affiliate advert

In case you prefer more personalised and SEO friendly banners, you can order fresh and unique banners here.

Reporting Tab

This tab is divided in to three main sub-sections: Daily Summary, Conversions and SUBID.

Daily Summary

Here, you can have basic daily details for a specific time frame, such as total clicks, unique clicks, pending conversions, etc. To get started, just input your country, followed by the period range you want a summary about then click “Apply” to have the data.

Jumia Affiliate Program Dashboard

One cool feature is the fact that you can export this data in either an excel file, PDF or even print the page.


This is the section where you can view your conversions, the date and status.

Jumia Affiliate Program Conversions


As mentioned earlier, most at times you won’t even need the SUBID feature, especially if you are a beginner in affiliate marketing, however for the more experienced affiliate entrepreneurs who have set specific metrics and want to track how they are doing this is the section for it. Let’s say for example you are trying to track which product is doing better on which channel, then this conversion area will give you all details to help you focus on the profitable channels.

Jumia Affiliate Program SUBID

Payment Tab

In this tab, we have 2 sections: Payment Information and Payment History. It is pretty basic, it just includes details of your preferred payment option via which your commissions will be deposited.

In the payment information section, it is vital to pay extra attention when filling this section so as to avoid any issues later.

Jumia Affiliate Program Payment Information

The payment history on the other hand simply details all the commissions that you’ve earned and that were effectively disbursed to you.

Jumia Affiliate Program Payment History

To make money online in Africa with affiliate marketing, we recommend you become a Jumia Affiliate, because the Jumia Affiliate Program is simply unmatched and next to the Amazon affiliate program, however, if affiliate marketing isn’t something you like, no worries! Check our 17 best legit ways to make money online, and choose the one that works best for you.

Support Tab

This is the last section of the guide on how to become a jumia affiliate and it comprises two parts: FAQ’s and Commission Models. In the FAQ’s you will get answers to basic questions, most of which have been covered in this article.

The Commission Models gives all the details regarding the commission % on each product, thus allowing you to decide which products to promote. Commissions in the Jumia Affiliate Program ranges from 0.01 up to 13%.

Jumia Affiliate Program Commission Models


Making money online from Africa isn’t as hard as some people might think, at least with the Jumia Affiliate Program we’ve discussed so far, we hope you can get started today to earn a living online. To succeed as an affiliate marketer or online entrepreneur in general, you need the right tools, and we got you covered with regards to this as well, check our article on the best online marketing tools now, to equip yourself to be more efficient in your online entrepreneurial journey.

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