ClickFunnels, Best Review and Pricing for 2021


What is ClickFunnels?

Make money online with Clickfunnels

ClickFunnels simply put are website builders on steroids!

Created 5 years ago by Russel Brunson to address the needs of entrepreneurs. It is the best software so far for creating amazing landing pages, sales pages, managing entire sales funnels and also accepting payments in few clicks.

The best thing about ClickFunnels is the fact that no coding or web design skills are needed, it’s simply a drag and drop tool crafted to drive a huge number of sales (which is the principal focus on the software).

What makes it very popular amongst entrepreneurs is the fact that it gives you next-gen tools and guides you step by step on how to use it, simply put, you will be acquiring a piece of software that will not only guide you to increase sales, but will also ensure you so the right way.

The use of ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels, as mentioned earlier, is very much sales oriented, it can be considered as a sales funnel builder, which helps entrepreneurs automate the entire selling process.

PS: Do you own a WordPress website already? Then the best alternative for you is Thrive Themes. They are hands down the best plugin for capture pages, landing pages, funnels and much more.

If you are unsure about what landing pages are all about, I invite you to also check Beginner’s guide to landing pages.

Ultimate List-Building Plugin for WordPress

That said, there are 3 principal reasons why most of the over 100,000 active ClickFunnels users decided to adopt the software:

  • To Get Leads 
  • To Increase Sales 
  • To Run Events 

Clickfunnels 2020

If you are a beginner and don’t really know what Clickfunnels is, watch the video below.

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So, ClickFunnels will help you do the following:

  • Increase long term customer value, as the system is built to take the new customers on a step by step sales process
  • Build top-notch landing and next gen landing pages to facilitate leads capture and product/service sales
  • Increase revenue through up-sale and down-sale pages
  • Build greater trust for your brand
  • Etc, etc, the list is quite long!

Persons who need ClickFunnels

  • Digital marketing agencies
  • Authors
  • Product and service retailers
  • Freelancers
  • NPOs
  • Small businesses
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Consulting and Coaching entrepreneurs
  • Ecommerce store owners
  • Online Marketers
  • And anyone involve in marketing/sales/lead generation in general

ClickFunnels Pricing

The basic ClickFunnels plan starts at $99/month, but you are free to test it, as they offer a 14 days FREE TRIAL with every advanced feature included. With this plan, you get:

  • Up until 20 funnels
  • 100 pages
  • And can re-direct up to 20,000.

However, the most popular plan is the $297/month plan which allows:

  • Unlimited funnels creation
  • Unlimited pages
  • And unlimited visitors amongst.
  Startup Full Suite
Pricing: $97/month $297/month
Funnels Allowed 20 Unlimited
Pages Allowed 100 Unlimited
Amount of Visitors 20,000 Unlimited
Amount of Leads Unlimited Unlimited
Custom domains 3 Unlimited
Affiliate Program Intergration No Yes
Actionetics No Yes
Blackpack No Yes
Billing Options Intergration 1 3

Additionally, you get Actionetics, which allows you to generate smart funnels, which will not only send emails but also allow tracking and segmentation based on which ones are producing the greatest leads.

You’ll also get Backpack, which is a tool that will let you own your personal affiliate program and have sub-affiliates that you can track and know how they are doing in terms of sales, clicks and also provide real-time data on how much to pay them.

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Apart from ClickFunnels, there are many great tools out there which you need to start using if you want to see better results in your entrepreneurial journey, check our best online marketing tools article to get started.


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