17 Best legit ways to make money online 24/7 in 2020

In this article, we’re going to reveal 17 best ways to make either a passive or a full-time income online in 2020. To make money online 24/7 is really not as hard as people believe!

Now the reason we wrote this article is to educate people looking for different ways to make money online, either passively or full time. We used to be in that exact same position and unfortunately found lots and lots of material, most of which weren’t really valuable. Personally, before I became an online entrepreneur, I would spend time while I was at work on break and also on off days, watching YouTube videos, reading blog articles about ways to make passive income, and that’s how the desire to make money working from the comfort of my home aroused.

Make Money Online

2020 online entrepreneur

So, I wanna share with you over 17 different methods I have come across over the years. Some of them I’ve implemented myself, some of them I have not, and I’m gonna share with you guys which of these have been the best sources of income for me.

One thing I want to stress with you guys is that a lot of people have this idea that there are not that many opportunities out there anymore, and that’s not true. There’s an infinite amount of money to be made on the internet and in as many ways as you can imagine. Please read until the end, as I’ve saved some of the very best for the ending

Without waiting much longer, let’s go ahead and get started with number one.

1. Starting a YouTube Channel

In my opinion, for people who are more outspoken, and people who are good in front of the camera, this is one of the best opportunities to make money online 24/7. Now I do wanna tell you that it’s gonna take a while to make money Youtubing because you’re going to have to build up a following and figure out different ways to monetize outside of just running ads.

If you can build a following online and build a loyal following on YouTube, you can make a serious amount of money as a YouTuber, either part-time or full-time.

Best ways to Make money online in 2020

I have friends of mine that do this full-time and are making big sums each month with their YouTube channels. And I also have friends of mine that are doing this part-time that are making over two or three thousand dollars a month, part-time, literally putting in a couple of hours a week, making what is a salary for most people just by putting up YouTube videos. Now, they’re not making this money all from ads. A lot of it comes from completely different sources, some we’re gonna discuss here. But this can be one of the big cornerstones of your online business is your YouTube channel. 

The good part is, if you’re not necessarily a fan of putting yourself on camera, then you can do podcasts instead. I see an immense amount of opportunity with both of those different avenues, but the main idea here is building a tribe or building your following online. That’s gonna be a huge piece for your online business that’s gonna eventually allow you to make money online 24/7 going forward. 

2. Start Blogging

Best ways to Make money online in 2020 with Blogging

Blogging is an amazing way to make money online and nowadays you don’t even need to be a web developer to get started, as creating a website is not only cheap but it’s equally very fun. However, it is very important you choose a niche in which you are comfortable as I will be more fun and profitable in the short and long run. 

Do not worry if you don’t know how to get started or even how to pick a niche because we will guide you step by step. 

The best part about having a blog or website is the fact that you can monetize it and also promote legit affiliate links, thus earning good commission while providing valuable content to your audience.

Best ways to Make money online in 2020 with instagram

3. Manage Instagram Profiles Or Create One (Influencer)

Okay, idea number three is something else you can easily be doing as well and that is to build a following on Instagram and monetize that Instagram following.

Now there are so many different ways to do this, more than I can cover in this article. 

Now, you can go that route and you can manage accounts for people or you can build your own Instagram account and monetize that following as I have done. Say for instance you have an Instagram page with about 250,000 followers, you could easily do shout-outs for other people in return for payment also promote offers as an affiliate. So other influencers, they’re going pay you to do a shout-out on that page. 

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4. Doing Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing

Okay, we’ve briefly touched on this online money making idea number four, and it is what I believe to be one of the easiest ways to make money online in 2020 and beyond. All you’ll need to do is once again to choose a niche you are comfortable with, research on the pros and cons, do competitor analysis, sign up for the best affiliate programs and start promoting the products or services. 

So basically, what you’re going to be doing is you’re gonna review these products, talk about what you liked about them, what you potentially did not like about them and this could either be a blog post, this could be a video, and you’re gonna post these on your social media channels or blogs then sign up for the Amazon Associates Program or any best affiliate programs and start earning a commission on each sale. 

So let’s say, for example, I am into the computing niche, and a new MacBook Air hits the market and I wanted to do a review video on YouTube. I could do an in-depth review about this laptop, what I like about it, what I don’t like about it, and then in the description, provide a purchase link, where somebody could go ahead and buy this Apple computer on Amazon, and then for every person that clicks and buys on Amazon, I’m gonna earn a commission from that sale. 

Based on the above, one can say it’s a very interesting way to make money online 24/7 and it’s also a great way to bootstrap your online business ’cause you’re simply going to take a camera and the merchandise that you simply already own, that you’re already knowledgeable of and simply review these products online and then leverage Amazon-affiliate links.

Now again, are you going to create cash immediately by doing this? No, but if you put in the effort, you put in the time, you could build up some authority in the niche of reviewing products and you can start to make money with Amazon affiliate links. I do this myself; it’s usually about $500 to $750 a month from Amazon-affiliate links, so it’s not a huge income source, but I am very confident that if you dedicated your time full-time to doing this you could easily make $100 a day with Amazon-affiliate links just by reviewing products that you already own and then once you get large enough, they’ll send you the products for free. To help you speed up the whole process and get results fast, check also our comprehensive affiliate marketing article.

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5. Start Freelancing

In case you have any particular skill or talent and a little bit of imagination, then freelancing is a great way for you to start earning serious cash online and from the comfort of your home.

The best freelancing site on the internet nowadays is Fiverr and there, you can join as a freelancer and start making hundreds and even thousands of dollars in a matter of hours. I personally still do freelancing there once in a while. They also have an affiliate marketing program which is equally great for beginners as well as experienced marketers and the good part is no matter where you are in the world, you can join their program, be it in America, Europe, Asia or Africa, you can signup for Fiverr Affiliate Program today and start earning big.  


All you need to do get is to get established and once you get a decent quantity of reviews, bigger earnings are going to come knocking. So maybe you’re gonna start off by doing gigs for $5 but once you have a good number of five-star reviews you can start to charge more and I see some people on Fiverr charging anywhere from $50 to $500 for their services based on what they’re offering.

 So if you have a skill, whether it’s graphic design, creative writing, whatever it might be, data entry, throw something up on Fiverr, start doing it for five bucks and then once you have a good number of reviews then you can decide to up your costs to ten, 20, 30, 50 bucks for the gig.

6. Create and Sell Content (Artistic Writing)

What I’m talking about here is freelance writing and so what you’re going to be doing, if you’re a good writer, you can get paid to create content for blogs. Now again, how are you going to advertise your services? You could advertise them on Upwork, You could advertise them on Fiverr. 

create and sell courses

You could find people that have blogs in your niche, whatever your area of expertise is, and you can reach out to them and send them a free piece of sample content and say, hey, I can create blogs like this for $100 or $200 and this is a great way to make money online from anywhere in the world. 

Now myself as an example: I do spend some time creating content for my blog, I don’t have that much time to be creating all of these different articles, so I often people who write them for me, and the good part is, you set all the criteria for the article and if you aren’t satisfied you resend them to be re-written.

So, these people are writers for me, and I pay them a flat fee to write articles and then I go ahead and go through them, make sure that they’re in my voice, make sure I agree with everything they’re saying, and so I pay people anywhere from $100 to $200 per article to create content for my blog, and you could be doing the exact same thing for somebody else who already has a blog, or better yet, you’re creating your own blog. That way you can capitalize on the growth of the blog long term. It just depends if you’re looking for instant gratification or that delayed gratification. 

The second you should also consider is writing and selling ebooks with the Amazon Self-Publishing program, it’s pretty easy to join their program and they also equip you with all the tools you need to succeed as a self-published author.

The third aspect under point 6 is to sell the art and craft you created. This is specifically for a person who is good at arts, let’s say for example you can design good articles with wood, you could join a platform such as Etsy for instance and start your online store where you’ll sell your articles. 

selling arts

7. Become a Virtual Assistant

Okay, idea number seven is to be a virtual assistant for somebody, and this is handling basic data entry, basic day-to-day tasks, maybe it’s sending emails, maybe it’s logging stuff into a program, handling tasks that people don’t want to do.

virtual assistant

There are a number of different ways to advertise your services. You could do Fiverr, Upwork, all kinds of different places that advertise your services, but let’s say you’re an Excel whiz, you’re really good at Microsoft Excel. Post something on Upwork, offer to do Excel data entry, or data analysis and things like that and that’s another great way to make money online. It is taking some of those tasks that someone doesn’t necessarily want to do, and they’ll pay you to do these tasks for them.

8. Become A Public Notary

The eighth way to make money online is not technically a way to make money online but there is one caveat with that, and that is to be a public notary because people will actually pay you a pretty decent amount of money to notarize documents, especially if it’s at night or on the weekends when the service is in high demand. 

And how does this tie into online? Well, you can pay to be added to a list so when someone googles, hey, I’m looking for a notary in this Zip code, they’ll put you on a list of notaries they can call. So you can get leads for your notary business from your computer, and then you just have to drive over there, do whatever you have to do, and make some money 24/7 in the process. 

public notary

Is this my favorite way to make money? Not necessarily, but I know a couple of people who do this, and they do okay with it. Usually, it’s a couple of extra $100 here and there for them when they go out and notarize some documents. But I believe there are some better ways to make money online. That is just one I wanted to throw onto this list here. 

9. Create And Sell An Online Course Or A Membership Site

online course selling plus membership

Point 9 and 6 are a little related, the only difference is the fact that with point 9 you need to create a website, but do not bother as I’ll be showing you how to build your own website with little or no experience.

Creating and selling an online course or a membership site, in my opinion, is one of the most profitable things that you can do right now, that is building a following online, creating an online course, and selling that course on the backend to your following. And there are so many potential reasons why this is a good opportunity, but the main one I wanna point you guys towards is the fact that the way people are learning things is changing. 

You’re here reading this article, 10 years back, nobody was making posts on how to make money online. You would learn these things from books, and now everything has changed and people love learning stuff online. So if you’re an expert in a certain field and you’re looking to make some money online, one of the best things, in my opinion, that you can do is to sell a web course or a membership web site.

Now I will actually put together a completely free course called Course that walks you guys from A to Z through this entire process of building an online course, marketing an online course, hosting it, launching it, all that jazz, so be sure to stay tuned and to subscribe to my newsletter so that you don’t miss it

10. Become An Online Consultant Or Coach

Okay, idea number 10 for making money online is one that’s been around for a while. It’s coaching, tutoring, or consulting. This is one of the most effective ways to generate cash online.

But you do have to be an expert in a certain field. So myself, for example, I can go out there and do one-on-one consulting for people, talking about how to build a website because I’ve done it and I can certainly share a few things about what I’ve learned in that process.

Online marketing

It is, however, vital to have much experience in the field you are offering consultancy or coaching for the field, but this can be one of the easiest ways to make money online, jumping on a Skype call, jumping on a phone call, making a quick $100. 

I have friends of mine who do this and they regularly will make about $150 an hour just by doing a phone call with somebody. They’ll usually do it in the morning, quick $150 just for a one-on-one session. And people will really value the fact that you’re sitting down with them and giving them some kind of one-on-one personal training.

11. Start A Dropshipping Or E-commerce Business


Simply put, dropshipping implies selling other people’s products and making profits off of it. It entails getting buyers for a certain product and finding suppliers of that same product, charging a higher amount and making profits without ever touching the product or inventory by yourself. 

This business model has been around for a while and most gurus do this and make lots of money off it, and also it’s very easy to start a dropshipping business. 

This is getting involved with either Shopify, with Amazon FBA or other e-commerce platforms. There are a lot of people making a lot of money with e-commerce, so you should equally give it a try. Check the video below.

12. Become A Community Manager

A community manager is someone who manages a company or business’ online presence, it basically entails making social media posts and taking care of an online community.

community manager

It entails, for instance, setting up Facebook ads for small businesses and helping them with their marketing efforts. This is a very simple-to-understand concept here. Business owners do not have the time to learn how to run Facebook ads, to record videos for Facebook ads, to optimize them, so a lot of them are paying people to run Facebook ads. Furthermore, to drive more leads and sales for your client you should opt for the best sales funnels builders on the market, this way they will be happy and recommend your services to others.

If a business owner doesn’t have time, he will probably hire someone and pay them to run Facebook ads for instance or to manage his social media accounts, so that they have more time to do other stuff, and this is a great opportunity for you. You could start now by looking at businesses around you and checking their Facebook account for instance when was their last post? If they don’t post regularly it might be an indication that they have no time, so get on the phone or email them and offer your service.

I believe this is a huge opportunity to make money in 2019 and 2020, is learning how to run Facebook ads for small businesses and taking on a number of different clients.

13. Building Clickfunnels

So far, we’ve discussed lots of ways to make money online in 2019 and 2020 but as you’ve guessed, all these require some basic marketing skills. Clickfunnels are probably the most effective ways to generate leads and make sales with little or no efforts and the good news is you don’t need any experience do set them up and can also outsource this task. 

So, what is a click funnel you may ask! These are basically sets of tools used to create compelling landing pages, and automating a marketing strategy. We will discuss more this, but for those who understand the concept, you can earn money online doing this. 


Due to time constraints, most businesses will be willing to pay somebody to build a funnel for them, and it literally will take you just about four hours to do this thing and get paid about $200. Check our review on the best click funnels, so be sure to check it out to know which ones are the best.


14. Leveraging A Free Platform Called Quora

Now Quora is basically what has replaced Yahoo! Answers. I’m not sure if you guys remember that from back in the day. But it’s a way for you to go online, find questions that people have, and answer those questions. 

So let me go ahead and walk you through an example of this. Let’s say you are a business coach or a business consultant and you work with small businesses and you help them get their business off the ground. You could use Quora to essentially get free purchasers for your business.

You would set up your profile, and on your profile, you would give an intro like: I’m a business coach…..(mention your expertise), here’s my website, if you have any questions give me a call for a free 30-minute consultation. And then what you’re gonna do, you’re gonna go on Quora, and you’re going to look for small business owners who are asking questions about their business. Maybe they’re asking, how do you get customers through the door? How do you do marketing on social media? All these different questions business owners are asking and what you’re gonna be doing is answering questions that other people can see. 

So I’m sure we have all been doing research online before, and the top result is a Quora article. And you find your answer from somebody else. They answer the question on Quora and that’s where you find your answer. That exact same thing can happen to you. If you’re answering questions on Quora people can find that from Google. Maybe they’re searching this question, how do I get traffic to my business? And then all of a sudden they find this from Google, they click over it, and they’re reading your answer and that’s how you will land many deals and start making it big!

If you’ve got a consulting business or some type of employment business, you can be getting free clients by leveraging Quora.

15. Become An Online Stock Or Forex Trader

Okay, I admit it, this point might seem a little bit of a stretch and I’m aware of that, but you can make $100 a day from the stock market. No, I’m not talking about day trading or short-term trading. What I’m talking about is allowing your money to grow over time, investing money today and letting it grow over time and reinvesting your dividends or reinvesting that growth back into more growth of your money. 

And so even investing a small amount of money today, down the road, let’s say, in your 40s or 50s you could literally get to the point where you’re making $10,000 a day or more on average from your investments in the stock market. 

stock and forex trade

It’s certainly a goal for myself to get to that point where my dividend income is somewhere around $10,000 a day or more which in return can be used for buying more and more dividend stocks. That’s how people generate massive amounts of wealth for themselves with the stock market. But that’s the focus of my entire website (to help you generate money online and gain financial freedom), so if you guys wanna learn more about investing in the stock market, then you are at the right place because I will duel more on this here.

16. Start Email Marketing

As promised from the start, things are getting very interesting, and to be honest, most gurus out there don’t tell you this but email marketing is the most powerful way to make money online on a consistent basis 24/7 and speaking about this, you must use the best email autoresponders so as to automate the entire process.

email marketing

It is no longer a secret that social media is dying slowly due to the fact that organic reach is becoming harder and harder by the day, so building an email list and nurturing this list is a gold mine for anyone who wants to succeed as an online entrepreneur.

So you could have two different avenues with this. Number one, you could build your own email list, or number two, you could potentially have people pay you to be a copywriter and write marketing emails for their email list. That’s another potential way here. But I believe there is anyways a lot of money to be made in email marketing. 

Did you know? Most emails land in the SPAM folder because of the excessive use of certain SPAM-trigger words and keywords! Check this comprehensive article covering over 400 SPAM-trigger words which you might want to avoid using in order to top your email game.

17. Work Remotely

Working remotely or working from home as it’s often referred to entails working from the comfort of your home. 

work from home jobs


This is the future of the traditional job system as research turns to show people are more productive when they work from home than when they actually have to be in an office, as they are more relaxed and creative. There are tones of companies hiring remote workers in several areas of expertise, below is a few of them which you should consider:

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Indeed
  • Remote.co
  • We Work Remotely
  • Landing.Jobs

Making money online isn’t as hard as people think, at least I hope I’ve convinced you it isn’t. The most important thing I want you to consider after reading this article is the fact that if others can do it then the same for you too! All you need to do is to pick something you are passionate about and build on it. 

I’m curious! Let me know which of these 17 best ways to make money online works best for you, or perhaps maybe I missed one of them and you’ll like me to include it, contact me and let me know. 


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